Traditional branding methods are outdated. Using methods taken from the science & tech industries, we’ve updated the branding process to account for the fast, ever-changing pace of today’s business. Here’s how we work!

Our Process


We gather a wealth of knowledge about the client’s business including brand audits, competitor analysis, personnel interviews & more.


We generate a lot of ideas very quickly. Above all, this phase is about generating a large amount of solutions.


We select the best rough ideas and develop them into fully-formed designs. These “prototype brands” look and feel like finished products.

Internal Tests

We test the “Prototype brands” on metrics such as legibility, branding recognition & emotional connection.


We deliver the final brand after rounds of revisions. In other branding models, this is where the processes end.

Post delivery support

After a brand is live, our innovative Post Delivery Support can increase it’s chance at success in the real world. We help our client’s plan for change. Here’s how it works.

Brand Monitor 

We monitor the brand’s performance in the market. Is the brand performing the way we hoped? How are the demographics responding? We find out the answers to these questions and more.

Brand Adjust

Using data from Brand Monitoring we improve the brand’s performance. We modify existing design elements and place the brand back into the market. This cycle can repeat for any duration the client desires.